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What's the Buzz?

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We are small crop, sustainable beekeepers located in the Catskill Mountains with three covered bridges minutes away - hence the name!  We take only what the bees can spare leaving 80 to 100 lbs of honey on each hive for them to consume over the winter.


We harvest by frame, not by box, using no chemicals to drive the bees off the comb.  Instead of a plastic brush or vacuum, a horsetail brush is used to gently flick them off each comb.  Those combs that are not completely capped are left on the hive.

We then hand jar it in glass (never plastic) with a tag label so you may warm it if needed since raw honey will eventually crystallize. (Most eat it all before that happens!)

Though more labor intensive, frame harvesting allows us to separately extract honey with different flavor profiles depending on which flowers our bees have foraged on. We have light, medium, and dark varieties as the honey changes with the seasons and the flowers the bees forage on.

The Buzz

Sustainable beekeeper selling raw, unfiltered honey produced by bees wild foraging in the Catskill Mountains. Hive to jar..that's it!

No Antibiotics

Sustainably Harvested

Packed in Glass Jars

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